GTC provides tournaments for SIM racing drivers, from teams across the globe, of all skill levels. Our mission is to provide events that challenge even the best of drivers, and allow teams to show off their talent on the track. GTC provides clean racing, honest stewarding provided by members of each race team, live broadcasts of the events, and thrilling bumper to bumper action! Events range from street cars, to GT-3 and GT-4 cars, and LMP style cars. GTC’s focus is on clean racing and fun events.

Games & Simulators we run events on

Playstation: Gran Turismo 7 (Coming soon>Assetto Corsa Competizione | F1 2022)

PC Based: (Coming soon) iRacing | Assetto Corsa Competizione

Our Staff

We have a well rounded staff that supports GT Champions. Chris Ball is the president of GT Champions, with staff members from many race teams across the globe. This helps us have a more rounded view of racer input, stewarding and management.

Our Events

Our goal is to provide events that challenge drivers in various ways.

World Cup is our flagship product, with long endurance races that have mandatory pit stops and compulsory tire requirements.

Our Porsche Cup is a crowd favorite as well. 60 minute endurance challenge, with no requirements, so the drivers just race whatever strategy they want to win the races.

Other events can and are created for specific sponsors.

Our Community Involvement

GT Champions is heavily involved in supporting drivers in many ways. We recently created a mental Health Liaison, who is a licensed practical nurse, with the focus on mental health. GT Champions is committed to helping drivers feel support and provide local resources in there area(s) to help them come to grips with the challenges they face with their mental health.

GT Champions also runs charity events to raise money and awareness for special needs and programs.

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