Welcome to the GTC BMW Cup

The BMW Cup is an event organized by GT Champions (RWB Racing) and sponsored by our friends at HyPrix.

It’s a 6 round event, raced on Saturdays at 6 pm Eastern Time (10 pm GMT). It will be live streamed with commentary to YouTube, and will have BOP On and  Tuning off, light damage, and will have the possibility of wet races in random events, with fuel and tire wear of 2x for both. Drivers may use any of the 3 BMW GT3 cars, on any round as they choose.

This Page Updated: 7-12-2023

Qualifier Starts July 8th



All main series events start Saturdays at 6 pm ET / 10 PM GMT

EST: 6:00pm US Eastern | BST: 11:00pm UK London

Track changes may occur depending on game updates

Pre-Season Qualifiers will run July 8th


Lobby 1 (and probably lobby 2), with the top drivers in GT Champions, will be streamed LIVE, with commentary on our YouTube channel.

You can learn more about all our streaming platforms here: https://gtchampions.com/live

Cup Regulations

Race Regulations

  • 1 Hour races
  • x2 Tires/ x2 Fuel
  • RS, RM, RH, IM, HW tires allowed
  • BoP / Tuning OFF (Brake Bias Allowed)
  • Comply with required Livery Items
  • Grid order is set by FL times from previous round or pre-qualifier. Fastest First.

Livery Requirements: CLICK HERE


Saturdays at 6:00 pm Eastern

Lobbies open about 30 minutes before race.

EST: 6:00 pm US Eastern
BST: 11:00 pm UK London

Track Info

QualifierNurburgring GPC05Afternoon
1Sardegna ARandomAfternoon
2Dragon Trail SeasideRandomSunset
3Tokyo East ClockwiseRandomDawn
4Deep Forest ReverseRandomAfternoon
5Barcelona No ChicaneRandomEvening
6Mount PanoramaRandomSunset

Rule Book

Changes since last revision are in Yellow – Version 2023.6 – Updated Jul 9th, 2023 Click HERE to download the rule book.



Table of Contents

1. Season Structure. 2

2. Class(s) 2

3. Registration. 2

4. Pre-Season Qualifying – Nürburgring GP Course. 3

5. Car Assignment 4

6. Livery Requirements. 4

7. Round(s) Qualifying. 4

8. Race Starts. 5

9. Race Format 5

10. Points/Championship(s) 6

11. Dropped Round(s) 7

12. Attendance. 7

13. Mid-Season Registration & Reserve Drivers. 7

14. Penalties. 7

15. Rules Of Conduct For Driving. 8

16. Red Flags. 9

17. Stewarding Reporting. 9

18. RSVP Instructions – CRITICAL INFORMATION.. 10

19. Release Notes: 11




1. Season Structure

1.1 Day and Time of Events

All events take place on Saturday’s

Races begin at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (New York)


1.2 Season Schedule
There are 6 races (rounds) per season.

The season schedule will be available when registration opens.

2. Class(s)

2.1 Class Structure

2.1.1 – Drivers will be placed into classes based on performance in the qualifiers, and past knowledge of driver capability and pace.

2.1.2 – New drivers will be placed into divisions based on perceived pace, or may be left out of a class until performance is decided upon.

2.1.3 – Drivers may be moved into different classes during the season. If so, their earned points will be moved with them.


3. Registration

3.1 Registration Form

3.1.1 – Drivers must register using the provided registration form.

A link to the Google form will/is provided in the GTC Official Discord channel and on the website.


3.2 Registration Limit

There is no limit to the number of drivers that can register.

3.2.1 – Full Time Slots

There will be only 60 slots available.

3.2.2 – Reserve Slots

Drivers who register after the first 60 are eligible to take one of the 60 spots, should a driver leave the series.


3.3 Driver Numbers

3.3.1 – Driver numbers range from #0 through #999.

Leading zeroes are not allowed (e.g. #02).

3.3.2 – No two drivers may have the same driver number. Drivers from the previous season have priority in retaining numbers.

3.3.3 – Drivers can request a number in the #Driver Support channel on Discord. Once approved, they will be listed in the official number list on the website in Driver Support.

3.3.4 – Drivers may retain their number from a previous season. If a driver misses 2 seasons, their number may be given to a new driver.


3.4 Disqualified and/or Not Qualified

Race organizers retain the right to reject a registration. Some reason may include:

3.4.1 – Previous bans or disqualifications for improper behavior or driving etiquette.

3.4.2 – Not Qualified

3.4.3 – Performance in previous season(s)

3.4.4 – Organizers may recognize a bad qualifying run and move a drive to another division.

3.4.5 – Previous season will be used to help align drivers to their proper divisions, despite their qualifying time(s).

4. Pre-Season Qualifying – Nürburgring GP Course                   

4.1 Pre-Season Qualifying Structure

4.1.1 – After registration, all drivers will be randomly places into a qualifying heat lobby

4.1.2 – Qualifier will be held to fill out the main racing lobby(s) as described in this section

4.1.3 – Drivers that cannot commit to the entire season DO NOT REGISTER please.

4.1.4 – Drivers that wish to be reserve may register as a reserve in the registration form.

4.1.5 – Qualifiers will be run, and your FL time from the qualifier will determine your initial placement in the 4 lobbies in round 1.

4.1.6 – The top 2 finishers in each race automatically earn a spot in Lobby 1. So there will be only 7 positions available after that, based on your FL time, to get into Lobby 1.

4.1.7 – The top 2 finishers from each lobby will be sorted by FL times in the pre-qualifier, and occupy the top 8 spots on the grid for Round 1. The top 7 FL times from across the rest of the field will occupy the last 7 spots in lobby 1, and will be sorted in order from fastest to slowest.

4.2 – Pre-Season Qualifying Lobby Settings

4.2.1 – Only RS,RM tires will be allowed for qualifying.

4.2.2 – Fuel and Tire wear will be x3

4.2.3 – Penalties will be set to weak, damage set to light

4.2.4 – 30 minutes with 10 minute qualifier

4.2.4 – Open pit, run any strategy you want

4.2.5 – Lobbies will open 15-30 minutes before heat is to begin.

4.2.6 – Track and other settings will be listed on the website.

4.4 – Pre-Season Qualifying Lobby Settings (specific)

4.4.1 – Race Settings

·         Grid Start, Fastest First, BOP on, tuning off

·         Slipstream real, damage light

·         Fuel and tires x3, Grip real

·         Brake Balance Allowed

4.4.2 – Penalty Settings

·         Shortcut Weak, Wall collision None

·         Correct vehicle off, car collision on

·         Pit lane cutting on, Ghosting off

·         Flag rules on

4.4.3 – Driving Options

·         Counter steering Assist prohibited, all others assist no limit.

5. Car Assignment

5.1 Allowed Cars

5.1.1 – BMW Z4, M3 and M6 Endurance or M6 Sprint may be used.

6. Livery Requirements

6.1 Livery Requirements

6.1.1 – Approved decals

May not contain profane language

May not contain pornography

May not contain smoking related

6.1.2 – Required decals

Must include all required decals as described in the #Livery-Regulations channel on Discord.

These include, but are not limited to, official number placards, sponsor logos and series logos.

6.1.3 – Required window banner must be used and may only include the official single BMW Cup Window banner decal as described in the images. No other decals may be present on the window banner location.

6.1.4 – Required decals shall be placed in the location where indicated on the livery images.

6.1.5 – Required decals must be clearly visible in all locations.

6.1.6 – Required door placards must have the original background as created and not rotated or skewed.

6.1.7 – Required door placard numbers must be white and legible.

6.1.8 – Winglet flag decals are required but can be for any country you wish to identify/support.

6.1.9 – Class decals are not required, but are encouraged.

6.2 Livery Approval

6.2.1 – Livery Approval

Livery must be submitted in the Livery Approval section on the Discord event channel

A livery steward will approve or provide changes needed to be approved.

6.2.2 – Livery steward decisions are final

6.2.3 – Livery’s must be submitted for approval before the first race. All livery’s submitted, must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the first race.

6.2.4 – Any changes to livery’s must be submitted for approval 24 hours or sooner before any round.


6.3 Livery Penalties

6.2.1 – Using unapproved livery’s

Drivers that arrive for a race with an un-approved livery, will be banned from the next race until the livery is approved AND receive a drive through penalty.

If the driver arrives for the next race with an un-approved livery, they will be removed from the series, and not permitted to participate in the current round.

7. Round(s) Qualifying

7.1 Lobby Qualifying

7.1.1 – Official lobbies will open 15-30 minutes before green flag.

7.1.2 – Race will be based on fastest first from the previous round or pre-qualifiers.

8. Race Starts

8.1 Race Start – Grid Start False Check – Set By Host (normal procedure)

8.1.1 – When all drivers are checked into the race, the lobby host will sort the grid BY HOST to get the proper running order, then start the race. A 2 min warning will be given before it starts.


8.2 Green Flag Start – (failed normal start due to tech issue or red flag)

8.2.1 – When all drivers are checked into the race, the lobby host will sort the grid BY HOST to get the proper running order.

8.2.2 – The race will then start again as normal.

9. Race Format

9.1 Endurance Format

9.1.1 – Races are endurance, therefore the lobby will be set with a timer.

All drivers will have the max of 180 seconds (3 min) to complete the race on their final lap.

9.2 Require Tire Compounds

9.2.1 – There are no compulsory tire requirements, run what you want, when you want.

9.3 Pit Window for Fuel and Tires

9.3.1 – There is no pit window. Pit whenever you like.

9.4 Lobby Settings

9.4.1 – Race Settings

·         Grid is set by host, based on FL times from previous round

·         Grid Start, Fastest First, BOP on, tuning off

·         Slipstream real, damage light

·         Fuel and tires x2, Grip real

·         Brake Balance Allowed

9.4.2 – Penalty Settings

·         Shortcut Weak, Wall collision None

·         Correct vehicle off, car collision on

·         Pit lane cutting on, Ghosting off

·         Flag rules on

9.4.5 – Driving Options

·         Counter steering Assist prohibited, all others assist no limit.



10. Points/Championship(s)

10.1 Driver points

10.1.1 – Drivers are awarded points for their final position placement and bonus points.

10.2 Points


Lobby 1


Lobby 2


Lobby 3


Lobby 4
















































































































































































































10.3 Resolving Ties in the Final Scores

10.3.1 – A tie is 2 drivers with the same point totals at the end of the series. We will go to the finishing positions, and the driver with the highest average finishing position will take the lead points. First, we will look for a P1 finish, and if both drivers have equal P1 finishes, we will go to P2 finishes, if both drivers have equal P2 finishes will go to P3 finishes and so on.

10.4 Team Championships

                10.4.1 – Teams with 3 or more drivers may compete in a team championship as well.

                10.4.2 – The top 3 scoring drivers from each team will score points towards their teams championship points.

10.4.3 – If a team drops below 3 drivers, their points are removed, and will not be counted towards the team championship

10.4.4 – If any team member is disqualified from the series for any reason, their points will be removed. The replacement drivers points will be brought with them into the team championship.



11. Dropped Round(s)

11.1           Drop Round

11.1.1 – There will be NO drop rounds.

12. Attendance

12.1 Missed Rounds

12.1.1 – A driver who misses a round, must start in the back of lobby 4, and earn their way back to the top with their FL time in that race. Even if they finish first, their FL time will still determine what lobby they will be in for the following round.

12.1.2 – If a driver misses 2 rounds, then they are disqualified from the series…period. Disconnects do not count as a miss.

13. Mid-Season Registration & Reserve Drivers

13.1 Drivers may register mid season, but must start at the back of Lobby 4, if there is room.

13.2 Reserve Drivers

13.2.1 – Joining the ranks

Reserve drivers will always join the series by starting in lobby 4, ahead of any fulltime drivers that may have missed a round.

13.2.2 – Reserve drivers earn their own points for themselves, or for their team if their points are the top 3 for their team.

13.2.3 – If a reserve driver participates in the qualifier round, due to a missed event by a full time registered driver, their FL time is recorded. If they participate in round 1, they will be placed according to that FL time.

13.2.4 – If a reserve driver participates in a heat race, due to a missed event by a full time driver, or is chosen to take a full time driver spot, their FL time is recorded. If they participate in the following round, they will be placed based on their FL time.

13.2.5 – Reserve drivers are ranked for participation as follows

– First registered reserve driver has priority, then we work down the list according to registration time.

– Reserve drivers must RSVP before the 48 hour window, just the same as the full time drivers do.

– If a spot opens up for a reserve, they will be added to the grid, and contacted accordingly.


14. Penalties

14.1 Shortcut and Pit Lane

Shortcut penalties are set to weak and pit lane penalties are on.

14.2 Contact Incidents

14.2.1 – Contact/Punting

Any contact that culminates in damage to another vehicle may be given a drive through, or other penalty in the next race. If the contact happens in the final round, stewards reserve the right to adjust time/position according to the severity of the incident.

14.2.2 – Aggressive driving

Aggressive drivers will be given 2 warnings, after which they will be removed from the series.

Aggressive driving can mean anything from dive bombing, pushing, or unsafe maneuvers

14.2.3 – Steward Review

Contact incidents will be reviewed by the stewards after the race.

Contact incidents will result in penalties based on the severity of the incident.


14.3 Types of Penalties

14.2.1 – Drivers may receive drive through penalties, time penalties, position penalties, or race disqualifications, depending on what the stewards determine is appropriate. The stewards may disqualify a driver from a season outright depending on the severity of an incident.


15. Rules Of Conduct For Driving

15.1 Unsafe Re-Entry

Drivers recovering from an accident or returning to the track have no right of way until they reach the apex of the following corner.

15.2 Blocking Moves

Drivers are allowed to move once in an effort to defend a corner. Moving again is considered blocking and may be penalized.

15.3 Lapped Cars (BLUE FLAG)

15.3.1 – Going a lap down

Lapped (or being lapped) drivers must make reasonable effort to let lapping drivers pass unimpeded, by staying on the racing line and not “defending”.

15.3.2 – Unlapping

Lapped drivers are allowed to “unlap” themselves.

If a lapped driver has significant pace over the driver in front of them that is on the lead lap, they may overtake them.

The lead lap driver is NOT responsible for yielding to a lapped driver.

The lapped driver must make a safe overtake under normal race conditions.

15.4 Qualifying Conduct

No blocking, dueling, or contact is permitted during qualifying. During qualifying, drivers who are not, during their present lap, able to set a personal best lap time, may not impede other drivers. Slipstream in qualifying is allowed, but drivers may not, on the approach to a new timed lap, wait to follow another car or give draft.


15.5 Brake-checking

Slowing down needlessly with another car two (2) virtual meters or less behind is prohibited.



15.6 Waiting/Self-Penalizing

A driver who recognizes their own responsibility for a racing incident and who slows down to return position to the wronged driver is considered to have partially or fully self-penalized, and this should factor into the stewards’ decision on the incident.


15.7 Unprofessional Conduct

15.7.1 – Drivers may not engage in bullying or pestering behavior toward other drivers who have right of way, such as repeated slight contact, or flashing their headlights.

15.7.2 – Drivers who use the in-game chat system in a way that distracts other drivers will be penalized accordingly.

15.7.3 – GTC Stewards have the right to penalize drivers that appear to be blocking or slowing down other drivers on purpose or by accident. Stewards have the right to penalize a driver if they appear to demonstrate a significant slower pace after overtaking.

16. Red Flags

Organizers and hosts can, according to their own discretion, call red flags or race restarts.

16.1 Red Flags

16.1.1 – Red Flags MAY be called by lobby host or broadcaster, for major incidents on lap 1.

16.1.2 – Red flags may ONLY be called by the broadcaster or lobby host.

16.1.3 – Red flags are called if 1 or more cars are stuck on the grid

16.1.4 – Reg flags may be called if 1 or more drivers are DC’d on the 1st lap. A DC means their account left the lobby, not just the track.

16.1.5 – Only 2 red flags can be called for any one round. After the 2nd is called, the next start goes, regardless of conditions.

16.1.6 – Drivers that call a red flag in party chat, are not official. Only the host or broadcaster may call red flags. If drivers exit the race, and an “official” red flag has not been called, then they will be given a DNF. So to be VERY CLEAR, if a driver is involved in an incident, and says “red flag” or “red” or similar in the chat, and exits the track, or a group of drivers call “red” or Red Flag” or similar and leave the track, without the broadcaster or lobby host calling it, may receive a DNF, and may receive a penalty for doing so.

16.2 Canceled Rounds

16.2.1 – Canceling a round is the discretion of the lobby host.

16.2.2 – If there are significant network issues, the host may cancel the round completely.

16.2.3 – A maximum of 30 minutes will be used to get a race going to keep on schedule. If the race cannot start within 30 minutes from the original start time, the round will be canceled.

16.2.4 – If a race has completed more than 50% of the race distance/time, and the lobby fails, the finishing order will be set to the place on track for each driver (only if there is a broadcast or other evidence to show the order).

16.2.5 – If a race has completed more than 50% of the race distance/time, and the lobby fails, and there is no solid view of the grid order, the race will be cancelled and zero points will be awarded.

16.2.6 – The race organizer(s) will make the decision if the race will be re-scheduled or not.


17. Stewarding Reporting

Stewarding is an important part of organized competition.


17.1 Driver Reporting

17.1.1 – Drivers have 24 hours from race finish to submit a stewarding report using the TICKETS Incident Report channel in Discord.

17.1.2 – GT Champions uses GT stewarding rule sets, not F-1 rule sets, and as such, are less stringent.

17.1.3 – Only officially filed reports will be reviewed. A DM to a division captain or steward will NOT be accepted.

17.1.4 – Drivers are encouraged to share video footage from their vantage point, to support their claim(s).

17.2 Steward Review

17.2.1 – Stewards will review footage that is available from either saved replay’s, live stream footage, or driver submitted video evidence.

17.2.2 – Stewards will release an official Incident Report as soon as possible.

17.2.3 – Stewards reserve the right to make adjustments to penalties, even if not specifically listed in this rule book. Not all incidents can be listed, and as such, stewards reserve the right to assign penalties or not assign penalties for a specific incident, if it is not specifically addressed in this rule book.

17.3 Driver Appeals

17.3.1 – Drivers will have 24 hours from the steward incident report filing to appeal the decision.

17.3.2 – Appeals must be submitted using the official Appeal Submission form, linked in Driver Resources on the website or on Discord.

17.3.3 – Stewards will review the appeal, and may or may not schedule a call or send DM’s to the drivers involved.

17.3.4 – Steward results after appeal are final. There will be no further conversation with the stewards or drivers once the final report is completed.

17.3.4 – Any arguing, disrespectful comments to either drivers or stewards will not be tolerated, and may result in penalties and/or expulsion from the tournament/series.




18.1 RSVP Description

18.3.1 – GTC uses a Discord RSVP tool, for a number of reasons.

·         Allows drivers to indicate with they can or cannot attend a race

·         Allows drivers to see start times in their own time zone(s)

·         Allows GTC Race Directors, to see who will be participating

18.3.2 – ALL drivers MUST RSVP no later than 48 hours before race start. If you do not RSVP before the cutoff, you will NOT be racing in the next race, period. This RSVP is critical, this season, because we need to set the grid orders, and place drivers in their proper lobbies. We need to have time to alert drivers to which lobby they will be in, and have time to send FR’s if needed, to the lobby hosts.

18.3.3 – If a driver is having trouble using the RSVP feature, they must contact a @Staff member for help BEFORE the RSVP window closes.

18.3.4 – Drivers that RSVP AFTER the 48 hour window, will start in the back of Lobby 4.







19. Release Notes:


June 26, 2023 – Section 9.4.1, fuel/tires is x2 not x3


June 29, 2023 – Section 13 – added info about Reserve drivers. Also added new brake balance feature for rounds in section 4 and section 9.


July 5, 2023 – Section 10 – Adjusted points per position, per lobby. The intent is to encourage drivers to fight harder for the mid-pack positions and quell the options to pit repeatedly, to get fresh tires for FL times. Section 7/8 had a piece of info on lobby qualifiers that was added by accident. Check Section 7 and section 8.


July 9, 2023 – Multiple fixes. Please see highlighted areas in yellow.

What is HyPrix?

HyPrix (pronounced “hi” as in “hybrid” and “prix” as “pree”), is a graphic design agency/racing team hybrid, which has supported GT Champions for a couple years. Founder Julio Márquez, aka Pixteca, has worked with real life drivers as designer, photographer and videographer in regional series in Mexico, and has also worked as track photographer in Formula E and WEC.

In the simracing world, HyPrix supports leagues and drivers with designs for their social media pages, stream overlays, liveries, etc., while their drivers participate in everything from Gran Turismo, to iRacing, having won various events including this years Daytona 500 with driver John_YDG.

HyPrix has proudly supported GT Champions with their website design, event posters and stream overlays for the last few seasons.

You can find more info about HyPrix on their website, and follow them on their social media platforms:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hy_Prix
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hy_prix/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwJCLte-fqS2JYJfa1QQmbg
Dribbble (design portfolio): https://dribbble.com/pixteca

You can also find Pixteca in the GT Champions Discord!

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