Mental Health Liaison

What is a Mental Health Liaison?

A state licensed professional (LPN, in this scenario) who will coordinate the individual and group-based mental health programs and activities within the GT Champion online racing community, RWB Racing and other online racing groups as further defined. As a result of the global pandemic and isolation, financial worries and uncertainty that was experienced by many, the need for a Mental Health Liaison within the sim racing community became more apparent. GT Champions rose to the challenge of helping address this. This position will provide support and assistance to the racing communities members regarding best practices in mental, as well as physical wellness, identifying members potentially at-risk for mental health challenges, and appropriately referring members with more specialized needs to their local mental health services providers and other community resources in a time sensitive manner. The goal of the Mental Health Liaison is fostering an environment of encouragement, sharing, and advocacy for the mental health and physical well-being of the members while maintaining STRICT, HIPPA-compliant confidentiality guidelines.

What services does the GT Champions-RWB Mental Health Liaison offer and why would I need this this?

As the new department/position expands and grows, it will include teaching and coaching skills to effectively navigate systems to utilize community services effectively and efficiently. Assisting individuals in the development of empowerment skills through advocacy and activities that will be devoid of discrimination of ANY kind and inspire hope through audio and visual presentations and potential future web-based support group meetings if wide enough member interest warrants.

How do I reach out to GT Champions Mental Health Liaison?

You can go to our Discord server ( or you can send a confidential email for any NON-LIFE-THREATENING questions or concerns to All emails will be answered WITHIN 24 hours, but for something needing a quicker reply, the member can insert into the email subject line, “NEED HELP” for a reply at my very EARLIEST convenience.

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