Season 3

Watch the GTC-1 and 2 Division Live On these Platforms

GTC-3 and GTC-4 may be re-broadcasted from a replay.

Races will be 90 minutes with the pit window between the minute 50 to minute 40 like in the previous season.

Races begin Saturday’s at 8:30pm Eastern Time

Lobby Hosts: TBD


Welcome Racer’s to the 3rd season of the GT Champions World Cup. In this series there are 10, 90 minute races that will pressure you to race hard but you will have to keep in mind Fuel and Tire wear will be a factor in every race!
Each race you will only get one pit window, the pit window opens at minute 50:00 and ends at 40:00, you can keep track of that with the race ticker on the right hand side of the race screen so please make sure you pay attention to that clock because you don’t want to miss the pit window.
You will be required to use two compounds during the race, Mediums and Softs, you are required to run a full stint on each set of tires, or you will be heavily penalized.
This series is a full damage series so you must me patient and know your driving Etiquette, and Flag Rules.
Because it is FULL DAMAGE you are allowed to fix damage at any time during the race but remember if receive Fuel and or Tires outside the pit Window you will be penalized 1:00 for that infraction.


NO Tune
Tire Wear – GT-3=x1 and GT-4=x2
Fuel Wear – x2
Slipstream: Real
Grip: Real
Damage: Full
Shortcut Penalty: Weak
Ghosting: Off

Tires: You may only run 1 set of each tire. That means, if you start the race on Medium tires, then you must switch to soft tires for the 2nd half of the race. You are only allowed to change tires once.


You will have a lot of freedom with your Liveries all we ask is you keep it PG, the top two lobbies will be streamed so nothing obscene,
We will Have Number Placards available for you to get. You will be required to place those on each side of the car and one on the hood.

Official Number Placards are required on both sides of the car and on the hood/bonnet. ALL NUMBERS TO BE BLACK. And the same font or similar to in game numbers.

Windscreen decal required above windscreen.

Decals available by searching GTC or on the PSN profile: GTC_OFFICIAL or HERE 

Sponsor logo for Detailing Group (DG) on both sides of the car, the rear of the car, and on the hood.

In your livery’s , make sure to go to driving options and choose a placard then your number, then turn off the placard. This will ensure that your proper driver number shows up when the streamer is watching your car on the stream and hits driver info. Driver info shows stats, car number and car make/model as well as your helmet livery.


Qualifying will be at Fuji (short) in the GT-3 BMW Z4.
1 out lap, 3 hot laps, 1 cool down lap
Your time will determine the GTC division you will be running with. (see Divisions/Lobbies below)
For the Qualifier you will need to Friend.



Time TBD

Fuel and Tire wear will be off for qualifying and RS tires only.

After the initial Qualifier, each race Qualifier will be determined by your fastest lap time from the race before. Then ordered in reverse, so the fastest will start at the rear of the field in the next race.
Example: Race 2 Qualifier Order will be determined by your fastest lap time from race 1. Race 3 Qualifier will be determined by your fastest lap time in race 2, and so on and so forth.
If you miss a race and come back for the fallowing race, you will start from the back of the field! If you can’t make a race please let your host know at least 12 hours before lobby opens so we can get a reserve in place.


There will be up to four divisions (lobbies). Here is how it will work>>

All drivers will qualify during the initial qualifier. After the times are recorded, drivers will be placed into divisions.


How the points will work.

There may be times when a lobby is very short of drivers, in which case we may combine lobbies. If this happens, we will score it like a multi-class race, and each lobby will contend against only their division for points.


These are long races with full damage, you won’t win on the first lap. Because of the full damage we don’t want anyone stopping or waiting on the track, it is too much of a hazard for the other drivers, please keep racing and you will be given a penalty if reported. If you have any issues with contact, the stewards will review after the race.

You will only be given 3 strikes for aggressive contact like punting or forcing another driver off the track, after that you will be disqualified from the season.

Penalties must be served before crossing the start finish line. 5 second penalty per incident.

1:00 Min Penalty for not using required compounds.

Penalties for contact:

1. Any contact deemed aggressive like punting or pushing another driver off the track will be met with a drive through penalty at the beginning of the next race. If given this penalty you must run a drive through in the pits within the first 5 laps of the next race. If you chose not to take this penalty you will be slapped with a 2:00 minute penalty.

2. Please understand your Blue Flag rules, if you manage not too fallow Blue Flag Rules and hurt a lead lap racers lap you will be required to do a drive through lap the next race within the first 5 laps or you will be given a 2:00 penalty

3. In the same respect, if you are a lead lap racer and you are not patient and end up punting and or pushing a lapped car off the track, you will also be given a drive through penalty. If you do not serve this penalty within the first 5 laps, you will be given a 2:00 minute penalty so please know your Blue flag situations on both ends.

4. If you receive any blue flag penalties and decide not to race the next race without letting an admin or host knowing you will lose your spot as a full time driver spot.

This race will be full damage so you can go into pits at any time for damage but remember if you get tires and, or fuel outside of the pit window you will be penalized. Penalties will be delivered for each violation, it is not a one time thing.

PIT Penalties:

Pit Window Clarification:

1. Pitting outside of the 50:00 to 40:00 pit window
     a. Entering pit lane before pit window opens and exiting before it opens.
          i. 1:00 min penalty for any fuel into the car.
          ii. 1:00 min penalty for any tires put on the car
          iii. This could mean a max of 2 min for the stop.
     b. Entering pit lane after pit window closes
          i. 1:00 min penalty for any fuel into the car.
          ii. 1:00 min penalty for any tires put on the car
          iii. This could mean a max of 2 min for the stop.

2. Pitting inside of the 50:00 to 40:00 pit window (Missed Pit Window Penalty)
     a. Entering pits before 50:00 and leaving after 50:00 but before 40:00 (arriving early)
          i. 1 min penalty
          ii. There is no additional penalty for tires or fuel taken during the stop.
     b. Entering pits after 50:00 and leaving after 40:00 (Leaving late)
          i. 1 min penalty
          ii. There is no additional penalty for tires or fuel taken during the stop.


1. If you chose to miss a race, you must keep in contact with your host or an admin if the series.
If you do not to do so you will be given 1 warning. The 2nd time you will be disqualified from the series.

We understand life happens but please do your best to keep in contact with your host and admins.


P1 = 18 Points
P2 = 16 Points
P3 = 14 Points
P4 = 12 Points

P5 = 11 Points down to P15 receiving 1 point.
Fastest lap = 1 Bonus Point

Note: Anything deemed a “Rage Quit” will receive 0 points.
Anything deemed a “Disconnect From the Network” will get minimum lobby points.
Meaning depending on how many show up you would get last place points off the amount of people in the lobby.

There will be 1 drop round and it will be your worst finishing position in one of the first 7 races. Round 8-10 cannot and will not be dropped, as it is the final chase for the championship.


Incidents are to be reported within 24 hours of race completion. Use the link below to report an incident.



World Cup | Season 3 | GTC-1 | Initial Qualifying

PositionDriverTeamTimeCar NumberCountryLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Reserve
GTC-1 P1PX7-TwitchyPhoenix Seven (PX7)1:32.31972Australia
GTC-1 P2BiPolarXpresIndependent1:32.76292United States1:32.8511:32.9681:32.762
GTC-1 P3RidwanF1VRS Satellite Racing1:32.76614Australia1:32.7661:35.7131:33.898
GTC-1 P4ACE_RiyoIndependent1:32.767210Malaysia1:32.7981:32.7671:33.143
GTC-1 P5ViperzedVRS Satellite Racing1:32.81956Australia
GTC-1 P6CaptainMuffin88Sector1 Sim Racing1:32.86098Australia1:33.0171:32.9651:32.860
GTC-1 P7Buntats-Independent1:32.87096Malaysia1:33.0731:33.4741:32.870
GTC-1 P8Ando787Independent1:32.925787Australia1:32.9251:35.6401:33.890
GTC-1 P9speedytyresVRS Satellite Racing1:32.95253Australia1:33.1551:32.9521:34.226
GTC-1 P10PLE_MMegatruckinPit Lane Esports1:32.999239Australia1:33.1091:32.9991:35.078
GTC-1 P11IdzhamadliIndependent1:33.12425Malaysia1:33.9001:33.1241:33.127
GTC-1 P12ninjakid_02RWB1:33.15191United States1:33.1511:33.4051:33.220
GTC-1 P13RR_LjsuperninjaRockafella Racing1:33.18615United States1:33.1861:46.3791:35.395
GTC-1 P14Mobile_ledge1Expendables Sim Racing (XSR)1:33.19516United States1:33.4951:33.3001:33.195
GTC-1 P15Jake_2309GvG1:33.226999United Kindgom1:33.7051:33.2261:33.363
ReserveCorey_HacSector1 Sim Racing1:33.001Australia1:35.1351:33.1881:33.001Reserve

World Cup | Season 3 | GTC-2 | Initial Qualifying

PositionDriverTeamTimeCar NumberCountryLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Reserve
GTC-2 P1Colin_t24RSR/ICER1:33.32411Australia1:32.3241:33.7061:33.489
GTC-2 P2SDRT_MadsdaShaydon racing1:33.372169New Zealand1:33.4181:35.5011:33.372
GTC-2 P3ozzyhipnoticWTCC1:33.3838Australia1:33.7301:33.5061:33.383
GTC-2 P4Knucks_3Sector 1 Racing1:33.41210Australia1:33.5911:33.7281:33.412
GTC-2 P5laudidarkmistRSR1:33.507156Australia1:34.0281:33.5071:33.659
GTC-2 P6RR_Sephiroth7Rockafella Racing1:33.52129United States1:33.7051:33.6511:33.521
GTC-2 P7PLE_BlackFridayPit Lane Esports1:33.591777Australia1:33.9811:34.2681:33.591
GTC-2 P8BroccolilieICER1:33.62213Australia1:34.4161:33.6221:34.154
GTC-2 P9RWB_Chevy210RWB1:33.73255United States1:34.4171:33.7321:34.178
GTC-2 P10GBubTrawickExpendables Sim Racing (XSR)1:33.837333United States1:34.2141:34.3951:33.837
GTC-2 P11Slappasmate117World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)1:33.859117Australia1:36.6021:33.9621:33.859
GTC-2 P12RSR_Robbo-sportRSR/ICER1:33.88720Australia1:34.3511:33.9791:33.887
GTC-2 P13RWB_IgorskiRWB1:33.948912United States1:34.1891:33.9481:34.330
GTC-2 P14RWB_JoeyCannoliIndependent1:33.96712United States1:33.9671:34.5111:34.192
GTC-2 P15GLR_ScottyIndependent1:33.98437Australia1:34.5741:34.5991:33.984
ReserveAPEX_Tat2FreakIndependent1:33.532United States1:33.5321:33.7581:33.606Reserve
ReserveNano-maranelloScuderia Chiara 1:33.53218United States1:33.9981:33..5431:34.214Reserve

World Cup | Season 3 | GTC-3 | Initial Qualifying

PositionDriverTeamTimeCar NumberCountryLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Reserve
GTC-3 P1RWB_litlemac26RWB1:34.03273United States1:34.9921:34.0321:34.264
GTC-3 P2GTMA_SimracerACGTMA1:34.0360Morocco1:34.3881:35.3101:34.036
GTC-3 P3AMS_Mikhail24RDIndependent1:34.038241United States1:34.1351:35.5911:34.038
GTC-3 P4RWB_JROD23RWB1:34.07423United States1:34.5411:34.0851:34.074
GTC-3 P5VipersfangIndependent1:34.09274Australia1:34.7621:34.0921:34.473
GTC-3 P6Carbonboy84Sector1 Sim Racing1:34.15728Australia1:34.3601:34.1571:34.439
GTC-3 P7RWB_VenomRWB1:34.1973United States1:34.6021:35.4901:34.197
GTC-3 P8ICER_GrayzwonICER1:34.250550Australia1:35.1151:34.4251:34.250
GTC-3 P9woollyback5000Independent1:34.256103United Kindgom1:34.9281:34.6491:34.256
GTC-3 P10i_am_supermexExpendables Sim Racing (XSR)1:34.27040Portugal1:34.7121:34.2701:34.450
GTC-3 P11Green1879Independent1:34.49627United States1:34.7731:35.0251:34.496
GTC-3 P12TTV_B1teTheRosesICER1:34.534347United Kingdom1:34.7771:34.5341:35.537
GTC-3 P13ClintFreeman_83Independent1:34.69762United States1:34.9761:34.6971:34.794
GTC-3 P14EgoniiiRWB1:34.738111Canada1:34.7381:35 0871:34.944
GTC-3 P15ICER_Renegade575ICER/RSR1:34.849575Australia1:34.849OUT LAP1:35.422
GTC-3 P16BigRed_UofAICER/RSR1:34.855420United States1:38.7531:36.8381:34.855

World Cup | Season 3 | GTC-4 | Initial Qualifying

PositionDriverTeamTimeCar NumberCountryLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Reserve
GTC-4 P1Devlin_CalypsoICER1:34.929666Belgium1:34.9291:45.8611:35.567
GTC-4 P2OGR_toolshedOGR racing1:34.93043Australia1:35.5431:35.1111:34.930
GTC-4 P3Avrg_viperHyPrix Concertmood1:34.97759United Kingdom1:34.9771:35.1251;35.433
GTC-4 P4pixtecaHyPrix Concertmood1:34.99954Mexico1:36.4201:34.9991:37.362
GTC-4 P5SPYDERTEAM1RWB1:35.06066United States1:35.4981:35.2141:35.060
GTC-4 P6RR_Ghost45Rockafella Racing1:35.18645Canada1:35.3181:36.0331:35.186
GTC-4 P7Astro_PancakeIndependent1:35.514314United States1:36.2141:35.7711:35.514
GTC-4 P8PPR_SkunkExpendables Sim Racing (XSR)1:36.063419United States1:36.8711:36.063DNF
GTC-4 P9GC12_FormulaJuanExpendables Sim Racing (XSR)1:36.16222United States1:37.1331:37.3121:36.162
GTC-4 P10PSRT_BA_DubsAngels Wings1:36.22141United States1:37.4071:36.9391:36.221
GTC-4 P11Wok-ssMotorsportsIndependent1:36.426Australia
GTC-4 P12Stangman50caIndependent1:36.4842Canada1:37.1641:38.5881:36.484
GTC-4 P13Phyllite_jettIndependent1:36.7609United States1:38.7751:37.8671:36.760
GTC-4 P14ICER_Benjo-19ICER1:36.81019Australia1:36.8101:37.3311:39.239
GTC-4 P15Marchy-Boy96ICER1:37.05988Australia1:37.8151:37.5531:37.059
GTC-4 P16noamb007Independent1:38.81646Canada1:40.7791:39.0331:38.816

Race Schedule

RaceDateGroupCourseTime on TrackCars AvailableTiresFuel
Qualifying (Required)08-JAN-2022GT-3Fuji Short12:00BMW Z4X0X0
Round 115-JAN-2022GT-4Brands Hatch GP20:00Audi TTX2X2
Round 222-JAN-2022GT-3Spa16:45Jaguar F-TypeX1X2
Round 329-JAN-2022GT-4Lago Maggiore West11:30Any Available GT4 X2X2
Round 405-FEB-2022GT-3Kyoto Y+M05:00Viper GTS-RX1X2
Round 512-FEB-2022GT-4Autopolis Short16:00Hyundai GenesisX2X2
Round 619-FEB-2022GT-3St. Croix C15:10Any Available GT3 carX1X2
Round 726-FEB-2022GT-4Red Bull Ring17:30 ClearBugatti VeyronX2X2
Round 805-MAR-2022GT-3Dragon Trail Gardens13:00Honda NSXX1X2
Round 912-MAR-2022GT-4Nurburgring GP08:00BMW M4X2X2
Round 1019-MAR-2022GT-3LeMans12:00Renault R.S.01X1X2
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