Porsche Cup Livery Details

Car used is the Porsche 911 RSR (991) ’17, and will require the use of specific decals. We’ve made it easy for you this time, and so you can start by grabbing the base CarStyle from the GT7 Showcase:

The CarStyle includes all the decals that must be included in the livery. We recommend adding all your livery stuff over it, then move the official decals to the top.

You can replace you own number on the Number Plate with the included numers in the game, or you can also request Pixteca on the Discord server with your number if you need help.


  • Numbers must be block numbers, no stylized numbers are allowed, must be completely white.
  • Do not make the Number Plate smaller. You can move it to the sides, but you can’t modify the size, and it should not be cut by the door edges.
  • You can add your logos and livery details anywhere on the car that is already blank: windows, rear wing and read wing sides, “other” areas, etc.
  • You may add either a block number or “stylized” driver number on the rear of the car. This can be colored and in any style or font you want. Example:

If you have any questions, feel free to tag @pixteca or @staff on Discord!

For people making the livery from scratch, be aware that you have to place the decals in an identical shape, size and place as the Official CarStyle available for you. If you decide to replicate the decal placement you will be required to move the decals as much as needed from the organizers. You cannot switch any decal for “alternative” decals.

These are the obligatory decals if you are replicating it:


The front should have:


On the side you’ll need only 2 decals:

  • Porsche Cup number plate, which will load at the exact size you need it. Do not shrink it. It has to be placed at the exact location as in the photo
  • GTC “square” logo on the panel above the rear wheel, as shown in the photo link to decal

The rear will require 4 decals:

  • HyPrix full logo on the left link to decal
  • GT Champions shield logo somewhere in the back (free location) link to decal
  • RWB logo on the right link to decal
  • Driver number decal, which can be a free design, you may use any color and font!

Again, we remind you that there is an already finished CarStyle available that includes ALL THE DECALS!


  • 1st race: 5 seconds penalty
  • 2nd race: 10 seconds
  • 3rd race: 5 points deduction
  • 4th race: 7 points deduction
  • 5th race: 10 points deduction

Thank you!

Thanks for checking out the livery requirements, remember the races will be streamed and this will help the series look so good!

Remember to tag HyPrix on social media for them to see your liveries and posts!

You will find them as @hy_prix on both Twitter and Instagram!

Division 1, with the top drivers in GT Champions, will be streamed live, with commentary on our Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels.

You can learn more about all our streaming platforms here: https://gtchampions.com/live

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