Season 5 - 2023 Metropolis World Cup


Registered driver list

Race Schedule

About the Qualifiers

Check the calendar at the bottom of this page for more info!

About Race Start Times

Always keep in mind timezone changes for your area.

All events run in the Eastern timezone (New York, USA)

Watch GTC-1,2,3 live on Youtube


Races will be 2 Hours (120 minutes) with the pit window between the minute 70 to minute 50 min left (20 min pit window).

All events take place on Saturday’s.
Divisions 1 and 3 >Races begin at 6:00PM Eastern Time (New York)
Divisions 2 and 4 >Races begin at 8:30PM Eastern Time (New York)


Welcome Racers to the 5th season of the GT Champions World Cup. In this series there are ten 120 minute races that will pressure you to race hard but you will have to keep in mind Fuel and Tire wear will be a factor in every race!

Each race you will only get one pit window, the pit window opens at minute 70:00 and ends at 50:00, so please make sure you pay attention to that clock because you don’t want to miss the pit window. Each race through the series is a reverse grid to make things a little more spicy.

You will be required to use two compounds during the race, Racing Mediums and Racing Softs,. You are required to run a full stint on each set of tires, or you will be heavily penalized.

This series is a full damage series so you must me patient and know your driving Etiquette, and Flag Rules. Because it is FULL DAMAGE you are allowed to fix damage at any time during the race but remember if you receive Fuel and or Tires outside the pit Window you will be penalized 1:00 for that infraction.

RACE REGULATIONS: Official Rule Book Here – Updated 4-16-2023

NO Tune
Tire Wear – x1
Fuel Wear – x1
Fuel Rate – 1/liter per second
Slipstream: Real
Grip: Real
Damage: Full
Shortcut Penalty: Weak
Ghosting: Off


You will have a lot of freedom with your Liveries all we ask is you keep it PG, the top two lobbies will be streamed so nothing obscene,
Official Number Placards are required on both sides of the car and on the hood/bonnet. ALL NUMBERS TO BE BLACK. And the same font or similar to in game numbers.

Windscreen decal required above windscreen.

Decals available by searching GTC or on the PSN profile: GTC_OFFICIAL

Sponsor logo for the Title Sponsor on both sides of the car, the rear of the car, and on the hood.

In your livery’s , make sure to go to driving options and choose a placard then your number, then turn off the placard. This will ensure that your proper driver number shows up when the streamer is watching your car on the stream and hits driver info. Driver info shows stats, car number and car make/model as well as your helmet livery.


Incidents are to be reported within 24 hours of race completion. Use the link below to report an incident.


PositionPSN3rd & 4th Fastest Combined
GTC-1 P1BiPolarXpres169.747
GTC-1 P2APEX_Jakey2309169.763
GTC-1 P3SDRT_madsda169.814
GTC-1 P4Ando787169.951
GTC-1 P5VTX_Sharky88170.063
GTC-1 P6CaptainMuffin88170.073
GTC-1 P7LukeAss36170.274
GTC-1 P9OGR-CycloneDan77170.314
GTC-1 P10RidwanF1170.337
GTC-1 P11SOE_TsbapB170.411
GTC-1 P12Dpmario170.419
GTC-1 P13Frogs_692170.444
GTC-1 P14Hyprix_Roses170.699
GTC-1 P15RWB_PresidioDog170.758
PositionPSN3rd & 4th Fastest Combined
GTC-2 P1MonkeyMan170.919
GTC-2 P2kawazuri170.935
GTC-2 P3JusGaminReal170.943
GTC-2 P4RWB_Bukwild76170.948
GTC-2 P5Cz3chy_official171.02
GTC-2 P6NWR_NICO71171.03
GTC-2 P7Kaizen_TY98171.058
GTC-2 P8Da_Truth_Serum171.112
GTC-2 P9TottoWolff-JP171.133
GTC-2 P10BlockyRex9779171.248
GTC-2 P11RustyMaggots171.26
GTC-2 P12Colin_t24171.291
GTC-2 P13RWB_JoeyCannoli171.593
GTC-2 P14S7R_Max_Capacity171.63
GTC-2 P15MaGiCxCoOkZxX171.736
PositionPSN3rd & 4th Fastest Combined
GTC-3 P1T64Turbo171.87
GTC-3 P2OGR-darrin_1972171.975
GTC-3 P3NLR_Knudsen84171.985
GTC-3 P4HPR_82171.999
GTC-3 P5Quic_Kick172.048
GTC-3 P6RWB_Venom172.057
GTC-3 P7LJ_v15172.116
GTC-3 P8RWB_Green172.174
GTC-3 P9Budsy76172.198
GTC-3 P10Carbonboy84172.249
GTC-3 P11ATK_037172.307
GTC-3 P12OGR_toolshed172.437
GTC-3 P13SpeedPhreek99172.581
GTC-3 P14ICER_Tube-nvNZ172.678
GTC-3 P15OGR-TLRracetek172.934
PositionPSN3rd & 4th Fastest Combined
GTC-4 P1Kruentis01172.956
GTC-4 P2PLE_BlackFriday172.97
GTC-4 P3ICER_Kurama173.051
GTC-4 P4SMiddM8173.108
GTC-4 P5xbenditx173.128
GTC-4 P6ATK__DEATH173.226
GTC-4 P7Flash7115173.279
GTC-4 P8ICER_Renegade575173.29
GTC-4 P9RWB_Chevy210173.358
GTC-4 P10drybonesmalone173.374
GTC-4 P11RicardasLTU173.488
GTC-4 P12RWB_litlemac26173.501
GTC-4 P13FryantheWyskas173.613
GTC-4 P14SuGGiT2TiMeZ173.698
GTC-4 P15A-rmanisReserve to Full Time
PositionPSN3rd & 4th Fastest Combined
GTC-5 P1S7R LET IT RIP173.736
GTC-5 P2ATK_AccursedAx173.872
GTC-5 P4BFE_Griztroopers173.894
GTC-5 P5ICER-Devlin174.182
GTC-5 P6BFER__jay49174.301
GTC-5 P7RWB_Spyder174.51
GTC-5 P8Fryy420174.805
GTC-5 P9TURBO-stevo174.805
GTC-5 P10SN1P3R174.908
GTC-5 P11HyPrix_FormulaJuan174.963
GTC-5 P12ASER_Woks-159175.181
GTC-5 P13Stangman50175.389
GTC-5 P14MiguelDizzle1O175.517
GTC-5 P15Lucky-alpha79175.571
PositionPSN3rd & 4th Fastest Combined
GTC-6 P1DRE_HardWire176.015
GTC-6 P2XxREMI22176.85
GTC-6 P3xOkJakex177.435
GTC-6 P4ICER_Diabolus177.464
GTC-6 P5CaptainJack178.084
GTC-6 P6ICER_Nightmare179.089
GTC-6 P7ATKbrothersmajer179.142
GTC-6 P8ICER_Shadowrxin179.256
GTC-6 P9ChipReese179.823
GTC-6 P10IRL_Powerzn/a
GTC-6 P11
GTC-6 P12
GTC-6 P13
GTC-6 P14
GTC-6 P15

Race Schedule

Qualifier18-MARDeep ForestAfternoon S1GT3Mazda Atenza
125-MARLaguna SecaEarly Morning S18GT4Viper
201-APRBarcelona (No Chicane)Late Morning S08GT3Renault RS.0.1
315-APRRed Bull RingAfternoon C02GT4Megane (Not Trophy)
422-APRSpa 24 HourDawn S7GT3Ferrari 458
529-APRBrands HatchAfternoon C06GT4BMW M4
606-MAYNurburgring GPLate Morning S4GT3Aston Martin DBR 9
713-MAYBig WillowSunset S1GT4Corvette
820-MAYMonza (w/chicane)Late Morning S7GT3Lamborghini
927-MAYGrand Valley Hwy 1Early Morning S3GT4Alpha 155
1003-JUNSuzukaEarly Morning S02GT3Nissan R35 '18

Registered Drivers

Registered Drivers 3-17-2023 | 7:15pm ET (98)

Reg NumberTimestampPSNCountryTeamReserveNo Driver Image
12023-02-12 12:27:59Avrg_ViperUnited KingdomHyPrixYes
22023-02-12 12:28:15SDRT_madsdaNew ZealandICER eSports
32023-02-12 12:28:45XxScarface23xXUSAFR Bono Racing
42023-02-12 12:29:40SR_SLIPSTREAMPolandBlack Flag Racing
52023-02-12 12:30:10drybonesmaloneUSAHyPrix
62023-02-12 12:30:56kawazuriUnited KingdomHyprix
72023-02-12 12:32:03NLR_Knudsen84DenmarkNOLLER RACING
82023-02-12 12:34:19BFE_GriztroopersUSABlack Flag Racing
92023-02-12 12:35:02ELIMARCBCanadaVictory Pace RacingYesNeeded Driver Image
102023-02-12 12:37:01RWB_SpyderUSARWB
112023-02-12 12:39:03RustyMaggotsUSAFR Bono Racing
122023-02-12 12:46:08BFER__jay49United KingdomBlack Flag Racing
132023-02-12 12:50:48TTV_B1teTheRoses (Hyprix_Roses on GT7)United KingdomHyprix
142023-02-12 12:53:02RWB_PresidioDogUSARWB
152023-02-12 12:53:46ATK_037CanadaAttack Motorsport
162023-02-12 12:59:02ICER_DiabolusAustraliaICER eSports
172023-02-12 13:00:43ASER_Woks-159AustraliaASER, All STATES E RACING
182023-02-12 13:08:28Da_Truth_SerumCanadaFr Bono Racing
192023-02-12 13:09:57Ando787AustraliaFR Bono Racing
202023-02-12 13:14:41ATKbrothersmajerUSAATTACK MOTORSPORTSNeeded Driver Image
212023-02-12 13:27:56PLE_BlackFridayAustraliaPLE
222023-02-12 13:48:02VTX_Sharky88AustraliaIndependent
232023-02-12 13:52:46Carbonboy84AustraliaSector1
242023-02-12 13:55:54RWB_VenomUSARWB/HBR
252023-02-12 13:56:18Tcufrogs777ColombiaHyPrix
262023-02-12 14:05:16Bukwild76USARWB
272023-02-12 14:20:48RWB_Chevy210USARWB
282023-02-12 14:23:49Stangman50CanadaHyprix
292023-02-12 14:27:48SOE_TsbapBCanadaSOE
302023-02-12 14:29:02temp-3442565USAindependentNeeded Driver Image
312023-02-12 14:44:31TottoWolff-JPFranceIndependentNeeded Driver Image
322023-02-12 15:08:45BiPolarXpresUSAHyprix
332023-02-12 15:15:01NWR_NICO71AustraliaRobbo Sport Racing
342023-02-12 15:43:34ATK_AccursedAxUSAAttack Motorsports ISRT
352023-02-12 15:50:24FryantheWyskasSpainIndependent
362023-02-12 15:55:12OGR-CycloneDan77AustraliaOGR Old Guys RacingNeeded Driver Image
372023-02-12 15:56:05RWB_IgorskiUSARWB
382023-02-12 15:57:49RWB_litlemac26USARWB
392023-02-12 16:00:27RWB_JoeyCannoliUSARWB
402023-02-12 16:18:47ART_WoollyUnited KingdomART
412023-02-12 16:38:14GC12_FormulaJuanUSAHyprix
422023-02-12 17:00:36HPR_82MalaysiaIndependent
432023-02-12 17:01:13MaGiCxCoOkZxXUSAIndependent
442023-02-12 17:12:20ICER_Renegade575AustraliaICER eSports
452023-02-12 17:17:56CaptainMuffin88AustraliaShakedown
462023-02-12 18:58:34RWB_GreenUSARWB
472023-02-12 19:32:55RidwanF1AustraliaFR Bono Racing
482023-02-12 19:41:45A-rmanisLithuaniaBlack Flag RacingYes
492023-02-12 19:46:35OGR_toolshedAustraliaOGR Old Guys RacingNeeded Driver Image
502023-02-12 20:10:22XxREMI22USAImpact Culture
512023-02-12 22:02:27xOkJakexUSAImpact Culture
522023-02-12 22:26:51SMiddM8AustraliaPLE
532023-02-13 01:23:43ICER_Tube-nvNZNew Zealand, AustralianICER eSportsYes
542023-02-13 03:47:35xbenditxThe netherlandsBlack Flag Racing
552023-02-13 04:20:25Kruentis01United KingdomICER eSports
562023-02-13 09:50:40ClintFreeman_83USAIndependent
572023-02-13 12:02:33S7R_Max_CapacityUSASector 7 Racing
582023-02-13 16:03:20THG-MethodUSATHG - The Humble GuysNeeded Driver Image
592023-02-13 18:18:12Fryy420USANitroNeeded Driver Image
602023-02-13 18:27:57ATK_FASTGINGER1USAAttack Motorsports
612023-02-13 20:12:22LimelickerUSACc sim
622023-02-13 20:29:18S7R LET IT RIPGuatemalaSector 7 Racing
632023-02-14 03:47:17ChipReeseUSAVictory Pace RacingNeeded Driver Image
642023-02-14 11:05:43RWB_Jrod23USARWB
652023-02-14 12:36:09ICER_ShadowrxinUSAICER eSports
662023-02-15 02:05:00DpmarioAustraliaICER eSports
672023-02-17 06:36:31ICER_SCALLEBelgiumICER eSports
682023-02-17 19:45:41ATK__DEATHUSAAttack Motorsports ISRT
692023-02-18 00:15:27Colin_t24AustraliaRobbo Sport Racing
702023-02-18 20:43:55Kaizen_TY98AustraliaBlack Flag RacingNeeded Driver Image
712023-02-19 01:44:39BlockyRex9779New ZealandFR Bono Racing
722023-02-19 03:37:15Budsy76AustraliaICER eSports
732023-02-19 19:51:54KRAKEN__QCCanadaIndependent
742023-02-25 00:32:28Rusty-Nutz-75AustraliaRobbo Sport RacingNeeded Driver Image
752023-02-27 15:21:02PranavsuperstarCanadaPSRTNeeded Driver Image
762023-02-28 17:50:48GREASYSAMSQUANCHCanadaRTKYesNeeded Driver Image
772023-03-01 13:43:24APEX_Jakey2309United KingdomAPEX Sim Racing TeamNeeded Driver Image
782023-03-01 18:03:40Temp-937230CanadaIndependent
792023-03-03 18:46:30ICER_NightmareAustraliaICER eSportsNeeded Driver Image
802023-03-03 20:41:18RwB-HHRBigMacUnited KingdomIndependent
812023-03-06 12:28:11ICER-DevlinBelgiumICER eSportsNeeded Driver Image
822023-03-06 17:11:52OGR-TLRracetekAustraliaICER eSports
832023-03-06 21:08:14OGR-darrin_1972AustraliaICER eSports
842023-03-06 22:04:23Flash7115AustralianICER eSports
852023-03-07 06:47:27BlackDragonTTVUSAIndependent
862023-03-08 02:20:45Trust_KuramaFranceICER eSportsNeeded Driver Image
872023-03-08 10:44:45S7R_NukeUSASector 7 RacingYes
882023-03-09 17:26:54TURB0-stevoAustraliaICER eSports
892023-03-10 19:22:54LJ_v15AustraliaIndependent
902023-03-10 21:31:34S1_Cruzin_088AustraliaSector 1
912023-03-12 14:49:00RicardasLTULithuaniaBlack Flag Racing
922023-03-13 02:36:03T64turboUSAIndependent
932023-03-13 05:42:52MonkeyManMachoLTLithuaniaBlack Flag Racing
942023-03-14 04:19:55Cz3chy_officialCzech republicCORGNeeded Driver Image
952023-03-14 12:10:57Quic_KickUSAFR Bono RacingNeeded Driver Image
962023-03-16 07:37:24CAPTAINJACKOXDDDUnited KingdomRED BULL
972023-03-17 09:40:01DRE_HardWireBulgariaIndependentYesNeeded Driver Image
982023-03-17 14:52:50SN1P3RCanadaFR BONONeeded Driver Image
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