Welcome to the GTC Touring Challenge!

The GTC Touring Challenge or “GTTC” is a team series designed to stress the importance of team coordination and support. Drivers will team up as a PRO and AM set. Drivers will earn points in their divisions, and those points will be combined for a team score. The team with the highest total point score will be the champions.

14 Teams, with 2 drivers per team, 1 PRO and 1 AM driver in each team. GTC race designers reserve the right to accept or reject teams based on known or past performances. This is to keep from having professional level drivers from being entered into amateur division(s).

This series will utilize 7 manufacturers only, and will be assigned to each team by a lottery for the season. The following manufacturers will be represented, and only 2 manufacturers teams will be represented.


  • 2x Audi EVO
  • 2x Mercedes AMG GT
  • 2x BMW M6
  • 2x Aston Martin Vantage
  • 2x McLaren 650s
  • 2x Ferrari 458
  • 2x Lamborghini Huracán

Team Standings

Event Regulations

Race Regulations

  • 2x Fuel / 1x Tires
  • Heavy Damage (Full)
  • RS and RM tires only.
  • No compulsory tire requirements
  • 90 Minutes
  • Livery Requirements
  • Open pits


  • Nürburgring GP
  • Monza
  • Spa
  • LeMans

Round Details

  • Friday Night 8:30pm ET – AM Round
  • Saturday Night 8:30pm ET – PRO Round
  • 90 Minute endurance
  • 15 minute practice/qualifier before the round starts
  • No mandatory tires or pit windows

Reserve Driver Regulations

  • Drivers that wish to be reserves, can sign up for a reserve spot in either AM or PRO.
  • Reserve drivers would drive in place of a team driver, and score points for the driver/team they are replacing.
  • Reserve drivers will be required to run the manufacturer and livery of the driver they are replacing.

Livery Requirements

Approved Number Placard, DG logo and HyPrix logo on rear, front, and both sides. ( official livery items coming soon, stay tuned)


These are long races with full damage, you won’t win on the first lap. Because of the full damage we don’t want anyone stopping or waiting on the track, it is too much of a hazard for the other drivers, please keep racing and you will be given a penalty if reported. If you have any issues with contact, the stewards will review after the race.

You will only be given 3 strikes for aggressive contact like punting or forcing another driver off the track, after that you will be disqualified from the season.

Penalties for contact:

1. Any contact deemed aggressive/on purpose like punting or pushing another driver off the track will be met with a drive through penalty at the beginning of the next race. If given this penalty you must run a drive through in the pits within the first 5 laps of the next race. If you chose not to take this penalty you will be slapped with a 2:00 minute penalty.

2. Please understand your Blue Flag rules, if you manage not too fallow Blue Flag Rules and hurt a lead lap racers lap you will be required to do a drive through lap the next race within the first 5 laps or you will be given a 2:00 penalty

3. In the same respect, if you are a lead lap racer and you are not patient and end up punting and or pushing a lapped car off the track, you will also be given a drive through penalty. If you do not serve this penalty within the first 5 laps, you will be given a 2:00 minute penalty so please know your Blue flag situations on both ends.

4. If you receive any blue flag penalties and decide not to race the next race without letting an admin or host knowing you will lose your spot as a full time driver spot.

5. Penalties for contact will be evaluated by the stewards if/when submitted, or if they are seen in the public broadcasts. These penalties will be anywhere from 5 seconds or longer depending on the severity, and will be evaluated by multiple stewards.


P1=18 | P2=16 | P3=14 | P4=13 with remaining places 1 less point each position.

Fastest lap = 1 Bonus Point


Time will advance at speed = x1

Round 1 – Nürburgring GP

AM      Friday              6-17-2022 8:30 PM ET

PRO    Saturday         6-18-2022 8:30 PM ET

Late Morning Weather S4

Round 2 – Monza – Chicane

AM      Friday              6-24-2022 8:30 PM ET

PRO   Saturday         6-25-2022 8:30 PM ET

Afternoon Weather S1

Round 3 – Spa

AM     Friday              7-1-2022 8:30 PM ET

PRO   Saturday         7-2-2022 8:30 PM ET

Early Morning S10

Round 4 – LeMans

AM     Friday              7-8-2022 8:30 PM ET

PRO   Saturday         7-9-2022 8:30 PM ET

Sunset S2


Register here: GTC Touring Challenge Registration form. Remember to read the instructions on the form before submitting!

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