In an effort to provide a more professional stewarding response/resolution, we will be making the following changes to the GT Champions stewarding process.

Why are we making this change?

  • There is too much fighting amongst the drivers in the tickets
  • The stewarding team is not here to “discuss” the incident with the drivers, or listen to complaints, but to review the data/evidence presented, then make an unbiased decision.
  • Many drivers have the idea that stewarding is a conversation process with the drivers involved. It doesn’t work that way in IRL stewarding. Claims are submitted (or race direction makes notice of something) and the stewarding team hands down the decision.


  • Head stewards are RWB_PresidioDog and RWB_Venom, and have final decision(s)
  • GTC Staff assist in the process (from various teams as invited)
  • Tickets will still be submitted by the concerned party, in the same manner as current
  • All tickets still must be submitted before the 24 hour cut off from race end.
  • Drivers who DNF on their own, may not submit an incident report.

New Process:

  • Once a ticket is submitted, the submitter must provide VIDEO evidence of the incident, into the ticket asap. They have 12 hours to submit this evidence. It really should be submitted immediately after opening the ticket, since there is a 24 hour window that should provide enough time to gather the evidence and submit together.
  • Once the evidence is received, the ticket submitter will be removed from the ticket for stewards to communicate and review the submission and evidence.
  • If evidence from the offender is needed to make an appropriate decision, the offender will be invited into the ticket, to present Video evidence.
  • There will be no discussion about the offenders “view” of the incident, only a chance to submit evidence to the contrary of what has been submitted already. They will have 24 hours to submit their video evidence.
  • Once new evidence is received, or no evidence is received, the offender will be removed from the ticket, to allow the stewarding team to discuss the incident(s) without the drivers being involved (as in IRL stewarding).
  • When the ticket is closed, a response is entered, and the parties involved in the ticket are alerted to the results in their Discord chat from the “Tickets Bot”.
  • The stewarding team has enough to do in race direction and stewarding, then to also have to argue with drivers and their opinions. It is a very rare thing for both drivers to agree on what happened. And we do not have the time or manpower to argue or be presented with arguing between the drivers. It is unfair to the staff to be subjected to bickering, yelling and general neglect for proper conversation.
  • Connection issues, regardless of intent, that cause an incident do not necessarily remove responsibility or the issuance of a penalty. Drivers are responsible to make a best effort with their connections and hardware. Hardware disconnects, or malfunctions that cause an incident may still receive a penalty.

Appeal Process:

  • Drivers are allowed to appeal the decision under the following guidelines (all must be met)
    1. Drivers may not appeal simply because they disagree with the decision and wish to argue for a different outcome.
    2. Drivers must appeal by contacting the @Staff using the Staff Ticketing option.
    3. Drivers must present NEW information that they did not submit when they were presented with the opportunity to do so in the beginning.
    4. Drivers must submit the appeal within 12 hours

Thank You,

The GTC Staff

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