Register Your Number

The numbers listed are taken. All drivers who raced in the most recent events have their numbers reserved. New members get to reserve a free number as soon as they qualify for a new event.

If you have a reserved number and want to change, contact RWB_PresidioDog in the GTC Discord.

AMATUER DRIVERS are listed as 3 digit numbers. PRO DRIVERS are listed as 2 digit numbers.

Driver Number Registration As of 10-JUL-2024 3pm ET

Car NumberName
11Eddie Gomez
13Brandon Massey
14Austin Dilts
15Ken Copelin
18John Traynor
21Hugo Robb
24Jonathan Schwartz
44Parker Duim
58Morgan Smith
61Til Steinert
65Timo McKeown
77Derek Koral
81Rory O'Shea
92TJ Connolly
99Jean McCluan
103Stephen Saunders
319Patryck Brady
333Jerry Jones
336Jarmo Saastamoinen
511Thanprasit Sartsuk
692Santiago Ramirez Gonzalez
005Sam Cooper-Bennett
007Tobias Stoll
008Jack Tirrell
011Rickey Burroughs
012Doug Palmer
013Cole Crawford
017Fabien Steinmetz
021Ian Patience
023Tanakrit Carney
028Caleb Sexton
032Michael Piccininni
033Nathan Hallman
036peter clayton
042Jonathan Campbell
057Kris Tryber
06Tobias Seck
066Steve Ewing
07David Branca
075Mark Schieber
080Rafael Rodrigues
081Cody Moore
082Marcel Reukauf
087Hanam Do
089Aurelian Sajin
096Aidan Howard
098Steve Soussana
212Cristian Schmitz
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