Welcome to the GTC HyPrix Porsche Cup!

The Porsche Cup is an event organized by GT Champions (presented by RWB Racing) and powered by our friends at HyPrix.

It’s a 6 round event with a dropped round, raced on Saturdays at 6 pm Eastern Time (10 pm GMT). It will be live streamed with commentary to our platforms, and will have tuning off, light damage, and will have the possibility of wet races in random events, with fuel and tire wear of 2x for both.

⚠️ Announcement for current drivers: ⚠️

Available drop rounds will now include rounds 4 and 5. Round 6 cannot be dropped.



  • R1Spa Postponed
  • R2Laguna Seca Postponed
  • R3 – Daytona Infield
  • R4 – Interlagos
  • R5 – Alsace TC
  • R6 – Nürburgring GP




All events on Saturdays at 6 pm ET / 10 PM GMT

PST: 3:00pm US Pacific | EST: 6:00pm US Eastern | BST: 11:00pm UK London | MYT: 6:00am Malaysia | AEST: 8:00am AU Sydney


Division 1, with the top drivers in GT Champions, will be streamed live, with commentary on our Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels.

You can learn more about all our streaming platforms here: https://gtchampions.com/live

Cup Regulations

Race Regulations

  • 1 Hour races
  • x2 Tires/ x2 Fuel
  • RS, RM, RH, IM, HW tires allowed
  • BoP / Tuning OFF
  • Races with 1 drop round (Rounds 1-5 can be dropped. Final round can’t be dropped)
  • Comply with required Livery Items


  • Lobbies will open 30 minutes before race start. This will be the start of qualifying
  • Lobbies will be sorted by fastest first
  • Drivers can use any strategy or tires to complete their fastest lap time.
  • Race start will be announced with a 2-3 min warning. All drivers need to drive past sector one and park, to keep the order correct

Points Structure:


HyPrix Fastest Lap Award = 1 Point


Saturdays at 6:00 pm Eastern

Qualifying lobby opens 30 minutes before race.

PST: 3:00 pm US Pacific
EST: 6:00 pm US Eastern
BST: 11:00 pm UK London
MYT: 6:00 am Malaysia
AEST: 8:00 am AU Sydney

Penalties for incorrect livery use

  • 1st race: 5 seconds penalty
  • 2nd race: 10 seconds
  • 3rd race: 5 points deduction
  • 4th race: 7 points deduction
  • 5th race: 10 points deduction

Check the livery regulations here: https://gtchampions.com/porsche-cup-livery-details/

What is HyPrix?

HyPrix (pronounced “hi” as in “hybrid” and “prix” as “pree”), is a graphic design agency/racing team hybrid, which has supported GT Champions for a couple years. Founder Julio Márquez, aka Pixteca, has worked with real life drivers as designer, photographer and videographer in regional series in Mexico, and has also worked as track photographer in Formula E and WEC.

In the simracing world, HyPrix supports leagues and drivers with designs for their social media pages, stream overlays, liveries, etc., while their drivers participate in everything from Gran Turismo, to iRacing, having won various events including this years Daytona 500 with driver John_YDG.

HyPrix has proudly supported GT Champions with their website design, event posters and stream overlays for the last few seasons.

You can find more info about HyPrix on their website, and follow them on their social media platforms:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hy_Prix
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hy_prix/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwJCLte-fqS2JYJfa1QQmbg
Dribbble (design portfolio): https://dribbble.com/pixteca

You can also find Pixteca in the GT Champions Discord!

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