Season 2

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GTC-2 and GTC-3 will be a re-broadcast. Stay tuned for more details.

Races will be 90 minutes with the pit window between the minute 50 to minute 40 like in the previous season.

Races begin Saturday at 8:30pm Eastern Time

Lobby Hosts: TBD


Welcome Racer’s to the second season of the GT Champions World Cup. In this series there are 10, 90 minute races that will pressure you to race hard but you will have to keep in mind Fuel and Tire wear will be a factor in every race!
Each race you will only get one pit window, the pit window opens at minute 50:00 and ends at 40:00, you can keep track of that with the race ticker on the right hand side of the race screen so please make sure you pay attention to that clock because you don’t want to miss the pit window.
You will be required to use two compounds during the race, Mediums and Softs, you are required to run a full stint on each set of tires, or you will be heavily penalized.
This series is a full damage series so you must me patient and know your driving Etiquette, and Flag Rules.
Because it is FULL DAMAGE you are allowed to fix damage at anytime during the race but remember if receive Fuel and or Tires outside the pit Window you will be penalized 1:00 for that infraction.
There will also be 1:00 minute penalties added to the end of the race for any racing incidents that are reported and we deem to aggressive so please keep it clean, it’s a long race!


NO Tune
Tire Wear – GT-3=x1 and GT-4=x2
Fuel Wear – x2
Slipstream: Real
Grip: Real
Damage: Full
Shortcut Penalty: Weak
Ghosting: Off

Tires: You may only run 1 set of each tire. That means, if you start the race on Medium tires, then you must switch to soft tires for the 2nd half of the race. You are only allowed to change tires once.


You will have a lot of freedom with your Liveries all we ask is you keep it PG, the top two lobbies will be streamed so nothing obscene,
We will Have Number Placards available for you to get. You will be required to place those on each side of the car and one on the right hand side of the rear of the car.

Official Number Placards are required on both sides of the car and on the back right.
Decals available by searching GTC or on the PSN profile: GTC_OFFICIAL or HERE

Sponsor logo for Detailing Group (DG) on both sides of the car and on the hood.

In your livery’s , make sure to go to driving options and choose a placard then your number, then turn off the placard. This will ensure that your proper driver number shows up when the streamer is watching your car on the stream and hits driver info. Driver info shows stats, car number and car make/model as well as your helmet livery.


Qualifying will be at Laguna (Weather Tech) in the GT-3 Mazda Atenza.
The beginning qualifier Date TBD when schedule comes out.
1 out lap, 3 hot laps, 1 cool down lap
Your time will determine the GTC division you will be running with. (see Divisions/Lobbies below)
For the fQualifier you will need to Friend.



Time TBD

Fuel and Tire wear will be off for qualifying and RS tires only.

After the initial Qualifier, each race Qualifier will be determined by your fastest lap time from the race before. Then ordered in reverse, so the fastest will start at the rear of the field in the next race.
Example: Race 2 Qualifier Order will be determined by your fastest lap time from race 1. Race 3 Qualifier will be determined by your fastest lap time in race 2, and so on and so forth.
If you miss a race and come back for the fallowing race, you will start from the back of the field! If you can’t make a race please let your host know at least 12 hours before lobby opens so we can get a reserve in place.


There will be up to 3 classes of driver, and up to three divisions (lobbies). here is how it will work>>

All drivers will qualify during the initial qualifier. After the times are recorded, drivers will be placed into “Classes”. The classes are


These classes will race in a Division (lobby) based on their class. The reason for the “Classes” and the “Divisions” is that there may be times when a division is short drivers. Race control will choose drivers from a lower numbered division, to race in the higher numbered division as to keep the higher divisions full. This will keep Division 1 and Division 2 full each race. Drivers likely should only be asked once to participate in a higher Division. We will try to keep top contenders competing in the same lobbies.

How the points will work.

Each “Class” driver will earn points based on their time. So if a driver is participating in a higher ranked lobby, their time will be compared to their “class” and not the actual finishing position in the race. This means that you can compete with drivers in other “classes” that might be faster than you, but if your time is faster than the other drivers in your “class”, then you will gain the 1st position points. This means that drivers can compete in any Division (lobby) and still earn points in their class.

After each race has been reviewed and properly stewarded, results will be posted.


These are long races with full damage, you won’t win on the first lap. Because of the full damage we don’t want anyone stopping or waiting on the track, it is too much of a hazard for the other drivers, please keep racing and you will be given a penalty if reported. If you have any issues with contact, the stewards will review after the race.

You will only be given 3 strikes for aggressive contact like punting or forcing another driver off the track, after that you will be disqualified from the season.

Penalties must be served before crossing the start finish line. 5 second penalty per incident.

Penalties for contact:

First aggressive penalty 30 seconds. 2nd aggressive penalty 1:00 minute. 3rd aggressive penalty 2:00 and disqualified from the series

This race will be full damage so you can go into pits at anytime for damage but remember if you get tires and, or fuel outside of the pit window you will be penalized. Penalties will be delivered for each violation, it is not a one time thing.

PIT Penalties:

Fuel outside window-1:00 minute
Tires outside window- 1:00 minute
Both outside window-2:00 minute
5 Second penalty for crossing the pit lane entry/exit line.

To be clear…you must not cross pit entry line before 50:00 min left, and you must cross pit exit line no later than 40:00 left in the race.


1st place will receive 15 points down to last place receiving 1 point. Every position counts, so race hard, and fight for those positions, but above all RACE CLEAN, the stewards will be watching.


Incidents are to be reported within 24 hours of race completion. Use the link below to report an incident.

World Cup | Season 2 | GTC-1 | Initial Qualifying

PositionPSNCar NumberTeamLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Fastest
GTC-1 P1SDRT_Wiseacre144ICE Racing Group 1:22.2191:20.4591:20.2481:20.248
GTC-1 P2ACE_Riyo210ACE1:20.2581:20.4121:20.8511:20.258
GTC-1 P3SDRT_Madsda169ICE Racing Group 1:20.5381:21.5231:20.2661:20.266
GTC-1 P4BiPolarXpres921:20.8331:20.3211:20.3401:20.321
GTC-1 P5CaptainMuffin8898Team531:20.6091:20.7291:20.4871:20.487
GTC-1 P6GC12_SwftyNrthy214ICE Racing Group1:21.0081:20.5891:20.4901:20.589
GTC-1 P7GT_bananajosh199Banana Racing1:21.4671:20.6161:29.7751:20.616
GTC-1 P8ACE_AkaiSuisei1313ACE1:21.0101:20.7451:20.8951:20.745
GTC-1 P9nxwxk74RWB1:21.4501:21.2711:20.7591:20.759
GTC-1 P10MOZ1978101ESR1:21.0401:20.7671:27.1981:20.767
GTC-1 P11bigyin86888ESR1:20.9841:20.8991:23.2811:20.899
GTC-1 P12KoA_HugoCardoso481Kings of Asphalt1:21.3491:20.9351:21.9351:20.935
GTC-1 P13RWB_PresidioDog24RWB1:30.3501:21.0271:22.8861:21.027
GTC-1 P14RWB_JoeyCannoli12RWB1:21.1891:21.0431:21.2551:21.043
GTC-1 P15GBubTrawick333Expendable Racing 1:21.8491:21.5001:21.1651:21.165

World Cup | Season 2 | GTC-2 | Initial Qualifying

PositionPSNCar NumberTeamLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Fastest
GTC-2 P1Grayzwon550ICE Racing Group 1:21.8691:21.5051:21.3571:21.357
GTC-2 P2BLACK_FRIDAY777777ICE Racing Group 1:21.3721:21.5701:21.4261:21.372
GTC-2 P3SirSlayer1991931ICE Racing Group 1:21.5871:23.4571:21.4031:21.403
GTC-2 P4GTMA_SimRacerAC0GTMA1:21.7061:22.8311:22.2731:21.706
GTC-2 P5Renegade_4701575ICE Racing Group 1:22.0311:21.9611:21.7201:21.720
GTC-2 P6lpalmonds41:22.3941:21.7221:23.6141:21.722
GTC-2 P7BigRed_UofA420ICE Racing Group1:21.7591:22.2631:23.7051:21.759
GTC-2 P8MatSmaKa623ICE Racing Group1:22.7181:23.0381:21.8621:21.862
GTC-2 P9RWB_Jrod2323RWB1:23.3641:21.9841:22.0161:21.984
GTC-2 P10SPYDERTEAM166RWB1:21.9891:22.0681:24.7381:21.989
GTC-2 P11Green1879271:22.0301:22.8741:22.1161:22.030
GTC-2 P12Avrg_Viper59HyPrix1:22.5811:22.1751:22.0981:22.098
GTC-2 P13RR_MagicMan78Rockafella Racing 1:22.4791:22.1051:22.2441:22.105
GTC-2 P14RWB_Venom3RWB 1:22.4911:22.7041:22.2101:22.210
GTC-2 P15Chevy210-5555RWB1:22.3431:22.3071:22.5251:22.307

World Cup | Season 2 | GTC-3 | Initial Qualifying

PositionPSNCar NumberTeamLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Fastest
GTC-3 P1THE-REAL-OZZMAN269ESR1:22.3391:23.0981:22.4131:22.339
GTC-3 P2i_am_supermex40Expendable Racing 1:22.4961:25.5881:22.6911:22.496
GTC-3 P3Egoniii111RWB1:28.0631:22.5311:22.9051:22.531
GTC-3 P4Marchy-Boy9688ICE Racing Group 1:23.2851:22.8841:23.4491:22.884
GTC-3 P5RWB_litlemac2673RWB1:23.1791:22.9181:23.1191:22.918
GTC-3 P6Mobile_ledge1161:32.0791:23.0151:46.1681:23.015
GTC-3 P7RWB_Igorski912RWB1:24.6001:23.2011:23.0221:23.022
GTC-3 P8wokss-motorsport75ICE Racing Group 1:41.5511:24.7901:23.9571:23.957
GTC-3 P9t0x1c_bac0n_32Hyprix1:26.8591:24.2361:42.6301:24.236
GTC-3 P10GC12_FormulaJuan221:25.4201:24.3381:24.6111:24.338
GTC-3 P11Ventti_supersoft31ICE Racing Group 1:26.2061:24.4311:25.7051:24.431
GTC-3 P12ICER_Benjo-1919ICE Racing Group 1:39.5621:24.5761:24.8501:24.576

Race Schedule

RaceDateGroupCourseTime on TrackCars AvailableTiresFuel
Qualifying (Required)21-AUG-21GT-3Laguna Seca14:30Mazda AtenzaX1X2
Round 128-AUG-21GT-3Barcelona09:00Lexus RC-FX1X2
Round 211-SEP-21GT-3Bluemoon Infield A13:00CorvetteX1X2
Round 318-SEP-21GT-4Brands Hatch20:30Porsche CaymanX2X2
Round 425-SEP-21GT-3Monza (Chicane)17:00Ferrari 458X1X2
Round 502-OCT-21GT-3Mt Panorama12:00MustangX1X2
Round 609-OCT-21GT-4Tsukuba14:00Toyota 86X2X2
Round 716-OCT-21GT-3St Croix A09:40BMW M6 or Mercedes AMGX1X2
Round 823-OCT-21GT-3Interlagos13:45Puegeot RCZ or Alfa Romeo 4CX1X2
Round 930-OCT-21GT-4Suzuka16:30Nissan GT-RX2X2
Round 1006-NOV-21GT-3Nurburgring GP08:00VW BeetleX1X2
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