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Races will be 60 minutes with 2 classes of cars GR-1 LMP Hybrid  and GR-3 (No VGT Cars)

Qualifying begins at 5:00pm ET

Races begin at 5:15 pm Eastern Time

Lobby Hosts: TBD

Live Streamed with a commentator for each class.


This is a multi-class series of Hybrid LMP and GT-3 (non-VGT) cars. There will be 7 teams, with 14 drivers total on track. 4 Rounds. Two members per team.

This is truly a world competition, with teams competing for the championship. 60 minute endurance race, with a 15 min qualifier before each round. This is a heavy damage series.

7 Teams, 1 in each class (similar team livery’s encouraged). Drivers pick their own teammates, and each driver will compete in a single class. No trophies this season while we work out the mechanics of this series. Bragging rights for the top driver from each class and the team.
There will be only 3 manufacturers to use, Toyota, Porsche and Audi. Teams will be required to use the same manufacturer on their team. Example, a team that receives the Porsche Team, must use Porsche LMP and 911.
Maximum of 2 manufacturer teams per manufacturer with 1 wildcard. A lottery drawing before each race will be used to determine the MFR that a team will race in the next race. We will draw up to 2 of each MFR, then put all 3 teams back into the hat for the wildcard team.
Team 1    Toyota
Team 2    Porsche
Team 3    Audi
Team 4    Toyota
Team 5    Porsche
Team 6    Audi
Team 7    One of the 3

The draw will happen immediately after the race during the live stream if possible. Teams will be drawn according to their total points in the series, with the top team drawing first and the bottom team drawing last.
First a Manufacturer will be drawn from the hat, then a team to match. There will be 2 of each Manufacturer (6) in the hat, once all 6 have been drawn and assigned to a team, they will all be placed back in the hat, and the last Manufacturer will be drawn from that group, and assigned to team 7.


Tires 3x – Required Tires: RH required 1 lap min (may include outlap).
Fuel  2x
Heavy Damage
No Tuning


Round 1 – Fuji or LeMans
Round 2 – Monza (Chicane)
Round 3 – St Croix C
Round 4 – Spa



You will have a lot of freedom with your Liveries all we ask is you keep it PG, the races will be live streamed so nothing obscene. We will Have Number Placards available for you to get. You will be required to place those on each side of the car and one on the right hand side of the rear of the car.

GT-3 CARS—Please make sure to enable YELLOW headlamps.

Official Number Placards are required on both sides of the car and on the back right.
Sponsor logo for Metropolis on both sides of the car and on the hood. Must be approximately the same size as the number placard.

QUALIFYING for the series:

Qualifying For the series: (if more than 7 teams apply)

All teams would run a qualifier.
Each team member will run their fastest time, and the fastest times would be added together. The top 7 teams with the fastest combined times would earn their way into the series.
1 Out lap, 3 hot laps, 1 in lap. Just like World Cup qualifier. The LMP drivers would qualify in LMP and the GT-3 drivers in GT-3 car.

LMP Qualifier: Porsche LMP
No tire/fuel wear
Track: Barcelona

GT-3 Qualifier: Toyota Supra GT-3
No tire/fuel wear

Track: Suzuka

Pre Race Qualifying:

Each qualifier will be run in GTS Practice/Race. The lobby will be reset after driver meeting, then the qualifier begins. Utilizing the lobby timer in the bottom left, you will have 10 minutes to qualify your fastest time. Crossing the line after the 10 minute timer, marks your end of your qualifying session. REMAIN ON TRACK – AFTER SECTOR 1 – UNTIL RELEASED TO THE PITS. Once all drivers have completed their laps, the grid order will be documented, then drivers will be released to go change tires. There will be a 3 minute break between qualifying and race start. Drivers that leave the track before being released, will be put to the back of their group grid.


1st place in each group will receive 25 points

2nd place in each group will receive 20 points

3rd place in each group will receive 17 points

4th though 7th place in each group will receive 15 points on down to 12 points

1 Bonus point for Fastest lap in your group, and 5 Bonus points for Pole Position in your group.


Red Flags:

1. Stuck driver on grid or lobby crash
    a. Drivers will have only 3 chances to start.
2. More than 2 cars involved in an accident on the first lap.
3. There will only be 2 red flags to start a race. The 3rd restart will not be red flagged and the race will continue on.
4. Red flags will ONLY be called by the streamers/stewards. If you call red and leave the track, you forfeit your race.

Blue Flags:
In a multi-class event, blue flags are essential to safe driving and overtaking. Here are some of the important blue flag rules to be followed. Keep in mind that it is very possible that you will also have a car within your class that may be lapping you.

GT-3 Class:
1. You WILL be overtaken by LMP class, be aware.
2. Let off the gas when the leader approaches, do not hard brake or full stop.
3. If the leader catches up to you before the apex, take the wider line.
4. If you are racing for position, use fair play and sportsmanship. Do not take advantage of the car you are battling while they yield to the leaders. This goes for both the car(s) defending and the car(s) attacking.
5. Be aware that 1st place is coming, and 2nd and 3rd are likely very close behind. There are 7 LMP cars that will need to get around you, so be aware.

LMP Class:
1. You WILL catch the GT-3 class within the first 20 minutes.
2. Look at the GT-3 Blue flag rules, to make sure you understand what is expected of them.
3. Plan your overtakes carefully. The speed difference is significant, and will provide plenty of opportunities to overtake coming out of corners.

Full Course Yellow: Virtual Safety Car
If a major accident happens between multiple cars, a full course yellow would go into effect (determined by the stewards/streamers).The phrase VSC NOW will be used in chat to convey a Safety Car is in effect. The moment this happens, nobody is allowed to overtake, no matter where they are on track.

1. When the VSC begins, the leader becomes the safety car.
2. Race to catch the safety car, but NO OVERTAKING (unless passing a damaged car).
3. You may pit anytime after the VSC is deployed.
4. If the leader elects to pit, the highest placing car will become the VSC role.
5. When the stewards post VSC ENDING, the leader will bring the row of cars to the start finish line.
6. Cars line up single file (LMP up front, GT-3 behind). Stewards will confirm the proper order is set. If the order is not set before the safety car reaches the start finish line, there will be 1 more lap under SC.
7. When VSC ENDING is announced in chat, the leader controls the pace to the start finish line and can start full speed at their discretion before the start finish line, but after the start section line (if available) or final corner exit. These start locations will be explained in driver meetings and shown in a picture before the series begins.
8. You are NOT allowed to overtake until after you have crosses the start/finish line.


1. Any on track incidents can be submitted using the proper incident request form, within 24 hours of race completion time.
2. Stewards will review any and all official submissions.
3. Stewards may also impose penalties for incidents they see during the event, or during post event review.
4. Drivers have 24 hours to dispute a steward official result.

On track penalties must be served on the next straight and/or before crossing the start finish line. A 10 second penalty will be applied to the ending race time for each offense during the race if the penalty is not cleared in the appropriate manner.

Aggressive behavior/driving
1. 1st event, 30 second penalty added to final race time, formal warning.
2. 2nd event, 60 second penalty added to final race time, 2 grid spots back in next race.
3. 3rd event, 60 second penalty added to final race time, moved to back of starting grid in class.
4. 4th event, 120 second penalty added to final race time, TEAM expulsion from the series.

Incidents that involve damage for another driver. If you are involved in an incident that is determined to be your fault, and you cause damage to another vehicle, one of the following penalties may be assessed to you. This penalty may be added to an aggressive driving penalty as well.
1. Damage to aero                -10 second penalty
2. Damage to aero/suspension            -30second penalty
3. Damage to aero/suspension/Engine        -60 second penalty

Pit Entry/Exit

1. Crossing pit lane entry/exit lines while entering/leaving the pits, will result in a 5 sec time penalty.
2. Crossing pit line entry/exit lines while racing (when not pitting) in an unsafe manner (affecting other drivers entering/exiting pits) may incur not less than a 5 second time penalty.

Disconnects/Lobby Crashes:

1. If a lobby crashes before the race reaches 75% completion, the race will be cancelled, and re-scheduled.
2. If a lobby crashes at or on the 75% completion, the race results will be entered based on information from the live stream(s).
3. Driver disconnects (DC) are a part of life in GTS, and as a result, the driver will be rewarded last place points in their group.
4. If a 2nd driver DC’s, they will receive the next highest points and so on.
5. Rage quits are counted as DNF’s, and will receive zero points for the round, and will start last in the grid in their class.
6. If a driver DNF’s twice, then they are expelled from the series. The remaining driver will run on their own the remainder of the series.

Team Rules:

The class you enter in, is the class you stay in for the season. No driver swapping into other class. Obviously life happens, and drivers may have to miss a race.

1. Each driver is allowed to have a reserve driver to drive for their class.
2. The reserve driver is only allowed to drive a single round for any one driver.
    a. If driver GTC_Reserve drives for the LMP driver GTC_CantMakeit, that driver may not drive for that LMP driver again in the season.
    b. GTC_Reserve driver may drive for the GTC_MeNeither in GT-3 class, but only once that season as well.
3. GTC_Reserve drive can be asked to drive reserve for any other driver as well, but only once.
4. Drivers that require more than 2 subs, will forfeit their spot in the series, and their points for their team, and will require race designer input to be allowed back into the series.
5. The idea is that if you plan to race in the series…YOU race in the series.
6. Reserve drivers run the livery and number of the driver they are replacing, and all points are assigned to the full-time driver.

Team Expulsions:
1.    If any driver on a team is expelled from the series, then the entire team is expelled, and the 1st reserve team will take their place.
2.    So be careful who you choose as a teammate.
3.    DNF’s or Aggressive driving expulsions, we render that driver unable to join the next season, unless the race designers agree to let them back in.



Team NameDriver OneDriver TwoTotal PointsTop Driver
Team 10
Team 20
Team 30
Team 40
Team 50
Team 60
Team 70

BOP Settings

MFRModelHPHP %WeightWeight %
ToyotaTS050 Hybrid '165001001929100
Porsche919 Hybrid5061001929100
AudiR18 Hybrid '165261001929100
AudiR8 LMS527902862106
Porsche911 RSR (991)5351052903106
ToyotaSupra 18'556942822103

Race Schedule

RaceDateCourseTime on Track
Round 111-DEC-2021LeMans22:00
Round 218-DEC-2021Monza (Chicane)19:30
Round 308-JAN-2022St Croix C13:20
Round 415-JAN-2022Spa11:00
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